Deck Lift & Customer Service

I stopped in at the Outremer factory last week on my way back home to Brisbane, and got to see Puffin for the first time. Things are looking really good, and they are right on schedule. The deck went on at the end of last week. Here are some photos of the deck section being lifted into place.

Inside the deck before lifting it into place

Engine access is from a hatch in the cockpit to the rear of the engine, and under the bunk in the aft cabins to get to the front

All furniture on the boat uses foam core to save weight. Standard on Outremer catamarans

Deck and Hulls ready for assembly

I was also given an update and demo of Outremer’s new customer support ticketing system that they are getting ready to roll out. The new system will help Outremer be able to track customer requests more effectively, respond more quickly, and give customers more visibility into the status of in-progress support cases. They are doing a nice job of implementing the new system and all the internal process changes required to incorporate it into their business. As readers of my blog know, the level of after sales support provided by boat manufacturers is one of my key criteria when purchasing a boat, and one of the reasons I am purchasing my 2nd Outremer

2 Comments on “Deck Lift & Customer Service

  1. Is the engine access hatch under the bunk in the aft cabins watertight?


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