Puffin video tour

I didn’t have a video camera and microphone with me during our first week of sailing Puffin, so I recorded this video tour with my iPhone. I clearly don’t know much about iPhone videos as the orientation is not correct, but Robin convinced me I should post it anyway. Please view at your own risk 🙂

8 Comments on “Puffin video tour

  1. Thanks for the video tour of Puffin. It’s by far the most detailed walk-through of a Outremer I’ve seen yet.

    Now that you’ve sailed her for a few weeks, I’m very curious how she performs compared to Wildling. You said she is much easier to sail & points higher upwind, but how does the smaller, lighter boat handle heavy chop? Do you feel she would cross oceans faster and more comfortably than her big brother?


    • I will need a lot more time in ocean sailing conditions to answer this effectively. My expectation is that in certain conditions, the 5X will be more comfortable as there is no substitute for length. Once you approach 60 feet, the boat motion becomes smoother, so I would assume the 5X will always have an advantage. I will post a follow up once I have more experience.


  2. Brilliant Doug. Congrats on a super boat made all the better by your insight and research. I was just about to put a track on the roof for my Genoa but noticed your single hard point and tweaker set up instead. Nb. I will also have a SS on self tacker. Could you comment on your Genoa set up vs older systems with track. Got a million questions but will leave it there!


  3. Hi Darren, thanks for the feedback! Questions are good 🙂

    The single barber is much better than a track IMO. I had a double barber on Wildling, but it’s not necessary. On Puffin we mounted the genoa sheet lead ring for close hauled and use the single barber (tweaker) for reaching. Simple, and works great! I have a block on the midship cleat that I use to lead the genoa sheet further outboard on a run. I love this setup!


  4. Loved the video, glad you were convinced to post this. I am enjoying sharing a little of this experience. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.


  5. I love your B& G set up there Doug, especially the autopilot controller. I can´t tell you how many times we disabled the autopilot at 5 in the morning in the Bay of Biscay, damn which I´d seen this vid 6 month ago. It´s retro fit time!


  6. HI Doug, Thanks for such a detailed tour of your boat. My wife and sailed our tiny L380 ‘Barefeet’ from Greece to Australia and after 18 months and 19000nm returned to our normal life. After 2 years back on land I’m getting the itch again and have set my sights higher this time and I really appreciate the detail you provided for the spec and build of Puffin. I always thought an Outremer would be out of our budget, but you’ve given me greater motivation. I look forward to following your adventures. Thanks again.


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