Puffin arrived in Australia last week! Robin, Gavin and I went down to Newcastle to take delivery of her as she came off the ship. The lift down from the deck of Happy Delta went smoothly and her engines started right up when the lifting slings were removed from underneath.

Unloading Puffin from the Sevenstar ship, Happy Delta, in Newcastle, Australia

We motored her over to the nearby marina and waited for the quarantine officers to inspect for bugs!

We had our YB3i satellite tracker running on PUFFIN throughout the voyage, so we received position updates every 4 hours.

The quarantine inspection went fine, no Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs on board and the Australian agents were friendly and professional. Once we were given a clean bill of health by quarantine (and after a celebratory beer!) we could get to work with re-rigging and cleaning. The boat was undamaged from the voyage but very dirty. The protective wax that Kirk and I put on in Genoa worked very well and she looked like new again after the cleaning was done.

We went out for a test sail on the weekend and everything worked fine. I made a mistake with the routing of the leech reef lines, so I have to fix that as soon as I can hoist the mainsail when there is no wind. It’s not a big issue, but it means we can’t fully reef until I fix it.

First sail in Australian waters

Puffin will be in Newcastle for just a bit longer until Lindsay finishes her end of school year exams, and then we will be sailing her up the coast to Brisbane.

4 Comments on “G’day PUFFIN!

  1. Congratulations, fair winds and thank you for writing about your beautiful Puffin.


  2. Looking forward to your next blogs, ours due mid Feb and we have taken lots of your ideas, thanks Stuart


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